Harmonious Hearts Youtube Channel for Twin Flames and Divine Soul Connections

The twin flame or any divinely connected relationship path is designed to assist you in becoming your most authentic self via learning and embodying unconditional love.

A genuine Twin connection is not codependent conditional love…although some of these patterns may surface in your connection for healing. This is often why we come together in the physical world. To trigger one another into a deeper state of healing. 

The core purpose for many twins is to transmute and clear the old distorted templates around conditional love. In clearing and healing our own deep inner wounding we assist in shifting and upgrading the current Collective Earth relationship templates. 

We took these patterns and wounds on via our dna, past experiences, and current life circumstances for the purpose of understanding what desperately needs to be transformed. 

You will know it’s in need of transmutation because it will cause discomfort, anxiety, longing, pain, suffering, deep grief. 

This is a journey of learning self validation and self actualization. Your twin is your muse so to speak. No matter what your current circumstances you have the power to use this opportunity to evolve into your best self. 

What an absolutely gorgeous gift. 

Throughout my own personal journey I have learned a lot about how to use this connection as an opportunity for deep healing and lessons learned. 

Each connection is unique, but one thing each twin flame connection shares is the goal of embodying unconditional love. 

I am here to share what I’m learning. I work in the quantum etheric fields to unravel the distortion at the energetic levels. I also have learned how to translate those energies to integrate, embody, and anchor into the physical tangible world. 

This is about embodying unconditional love as a human being on this physical earth. For self, for twin, and for others. 

Many twins are feeling the call and the pull to their highest purpose. 

I know very well how lonely and isolating parts of this journey can be. When no one around you had any clue to what you’re experiencing. They just don’t have a frame of reference. They can’t comprehend it, if they haven’t walked it. 

I trust that if you have found me and resonate with my work then there is some benefit for you that our connection will support.



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